About me

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Simply Fruit Cakes was born in 2011 and evolved from my long standing love of cooking.  I owe this inner passion for baking and cooking generally to my late mother whose philosophy was to always cook with love and I do – hence my logo:

 I have always been interested in knowing more about the various fruit cake recipes made popular over time and, as a consequence, have adopted and refreshed some of them within my own range of cakes.

Taste of Kent AwardI have my own dedicated kitchen and prepare, bake and package all the cakes myself. I am often asked if I have ever considered growing the business further, my answer is always the same ‘I am Simply Fruit Cakes.  I bake for you personally, always with my customer at the heart of what I do.  In my mind, to employ others to do this would lose the very meaning, my ethos of Simply Fruit Cakes, it is my way of life!


I am most particular on the quality of the ingredients and will never use inferior products.  All my cakes are full of juicy, plump vine fruit and the eggs are always local free range from happy hens.  These qualities, including never adding preservatives to my cakes, I feel are the most important.

Sarah Belcham-Smith.